The key outcome of every W20 Presidency is the W20 Communique.  The ambition of each W20 is to have as much language from the Communiqué taken up in the annual G20 Leaders’ Declaration.  The W20 Communique and other media generated by the W20 process, the W20 EU Delegation and other stakeholders, may be found below. W20 Presidency pages also have additional information, including links to the G20 Leaders’ Declarations for each G20 Presidency since 2015.

W20 Communiqués and Reports

2023-06-15W20 India 2022W20 India Communique 2023
2022-08-15W20 Indonesia 2022W20 Indonesia Communiqué to the G20
2021-08-20W20 Italy 2021W20 Declaration in Support of Afghan Women and Girls
2021-07-15W20 Italy 2021W20 Statement on Turkey and the Istanbul Convention
2021-07-15W20 Italy 2021W20 Italy Communiqué to the G20
2021-10-21W20 Saudi Arabia 2020W20 Saudi Arabia Communiqué to the G20
2019-03-23W20 Japan 2019W20 Japan Communiqué to the G20
2018-10-03W20 Argentina 2018W20 Argentina Communiqué to the G20 
2018-05-03W20 Argentina 2018W20 Argentina Communiqué on Digital Inclusion

Media Inquiries

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