Our Mission: The mission of the W20 EU Delegation is to represent feminist European civil society in promoting the interests of the girls and women of the European Union, G20 nations, and beyond. If that sounds like a challenge, it is!

Feminist European civil society is a large, diverse and dynamic stakeholder group promoting the interests of girls and women, in all their diversity. Actors and individuals that belong to this group include grassroots organisations, nonprofits, NGOs, activists and others who actively pursue a values-based mission and promote the interests of citizens of the European Union, and beyond.

What we do: W20 EU Delegates contribute time, expertise and energy toward promoting European feminist values at meetings of the Women20 (“W20”) official stakeholder engagement group to the G20 meetings during the course of the annual G20 Presidency which changes every year.

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In practice, W20 EU delegates are involved in W20 working group and task force meetings, usually remotely, that are based on priority issues established each year by the sitting W20 Presidency. Outputs from this work contribute in turn to a joint W20 Communiqué which is the final result of the entire annual W20 process.

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The W20 Communiqué is the annual, collective, fully consensus-driven message from global feminist civil society which provides direction and recommendations toward G20 leaders on issues of importance to the world’s girls and women. The W20 Communiqué is promoted toward G20 leaders with the aim of having commitments against its recommendations articulated in the annual G20 Leaders’ Declaration.

And why: It is the hope, ambition and vision of the W20 that G20 commitments captured in the annual G20 Leaders’ Declarations will translate into action on the ground that leads to better quality of life for girls and women of the G20 countries and beyond!

If you are an individual or organisation keen to contribute to the ambitious mission of the W20 EU Delegation, please reach out to us!