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New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration Wrap-Up

On behalf of feminist EU civil society, Cheryl Miller Van Dÿck, W20 EU Co-Head of Delegation, led the W20 EU Delegation‘s contribution to the G20 India Leader’s Declaration which onboarded significant language from the W20 India Communiqué, and includes the following:

  • ✨1. Launching a G20 Women’s Empowerment Working Group, the most institutionalized mechanism in the G20;
  • ✨2. Implementing the G20 Roadmap Towards and Beyond the Brisbane 25×25 Goal, with annual reporting by the International Labour Organization and OECD – OCDE;
  • ✨3. Halving the gender digital divide by 2030;
  • ✨4. Closing the gender pay gap and ensuring women’s equal access to decent work and quality jobs;
  • ✨5. Eliminating gender-based violence; and
  • ✨6. Increasing women’s participation in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.

W20 Team India 2023, led by Sandhya Purecha and Dharitri Patnaik, deserve massive recognition for their leadership and vision, as do all W20 delegates and experts, for their hard work, determination and commitment to making this outcome a reality.

The W20 EU Delegation is eager to continue moving the bar forward for the world’s girls and women as part of W20 Brazil in 2024.

Read the full G20 New Delhi Declaration.

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